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What's all the fuss with dog food?

Posted on August 02, 2018 by Judy Grecko


    The commercial kibble industry can be very intimidating.  Thanks to social media, you might have seen some video or stories giving you the behind the scenes "horrors of the commercial dog food".  It can all be very overwhelming.  If you ask opinions on dog food, that is exactly what you will get.  Hundreds of people telling you what is "garbage" or what is "the best".  I'm ready to tell everyone my opinion.  And that is they all can be right and wrong at the same time!

    There is no way ever that one food can be the best for every dog.  Dogs have different lifestyles, energy levels, sizes, etc.  Some breeds are more prone to allergies or sensitivities.  Some breeds supposedly need to meet certain requirements.  Some breeds supposedly need higher amounts of protein or fat.  The list goes on.  Some people act like  their breeder or their vet has a degree in nutrition and can't be wrong.  Let me tell you, it's craziness.  Most vets and breeders are not qualified to give professional nutritional advice!  Once you accept that, you'll know that hundreds of people on the internet telling you this or that doesn't mean anything, either.  With that being said, you have to choose whatever you are comfortable with.

    I see so many people giving certain brands a bad name because of one recall.  Yes, it is very unfortunate that anything gets recalled, regardless of the reason.  I can't tell you how many times my food has been recalled.  Just the other day, I noticed my family favorite goldfish crackers were recalled for possible salmonella contamination.  Do you think I would boycott them after almost 40 years of eating them?  Not at all.  If my dog food was recalled, I wouldn't boycott them either. Think about some of the kibble companies that have been around forever. Coincidentally, these are some of the same companies that are labeled "garbage" for having too many issues.

    Are kibble diets quality?  Probably not.  But most of us don't care much.  It's easy and mostly affordable.  The same reasons we feed our kids chicken nuggets and macaroni.  My point is, no matter who you talk to, you'll get a different opinion.   Don't let someone tell you an affordable kibble is junk.  If your dog is healthy, keep on doing what you do!  If you feel confident paying upwards of $100 for a 28 pound bag of the fancy stuff, great!  If you have the time and commitment to raw feeding, awesome.  Can you tell what a dog eats just by looking at them?  I don't think so.  It shouldn't matter.  If your choice is working for you and your dog, don't let anyone change your mind.  In my opinion, all that matters is a healthy and happy dog.  Not what goes into the food bowl.

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